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Make no bones about it! At Livin’ Bend, we love dogs just as much as you do. As a matter of fact, we have 5 Burket dogs currently and love to use all of our stylish doggy stuff!

Whether we’re out hiking, beer hopping or just cruising around town, we always have our collapsible water bowl in tow. And our quality nylon collar and leash sets go perfectly with the poopy bags and flashlight. When we’re feelin’ frisky, we have our mutts matching in our cool teal bandana. Doggy Stylin’ Livin’ Bend.

Livin’ Bend’s Pooch Project™ 

Livin’ Bend is proud to support central Oregon kids and families through our love of dogs.

25% of our NET proceeds from the sale of ALL pooch products go to Family Access Network. F.A.N. What is F.A.N. ? Check it out here.

Together, we can all give, all year long. Let’s make a difference!

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    Collapsible Dog Bowl $14.95
    Collapsible Dog Bowl
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    Doggy Style $9.95
    Teal Dog Bandana
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    White Frisbee
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    Livin’ Bend Collar $9.95
    Blue Dog Collar
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    Livin’ Bend Leash $13.95
    Blue Dog Leash
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    Poop Bags and Flashlight Combo $5.95
    For pickin up poop in the dark
  • Where Every Dog’s a TOP DOG $22.95
    Ocean Blue T-Shirt