The Creative Co-Creators

Mother and daughter, Julie and Skye Burket, developed Livin’ Bend Clotheslines after a series of road trips led them away from Central Oregon. Julie said, “Let’s just do Bend!” This statement became the inspiration for their locally inspired company celebrating the Central Oregon lifestyle.

Julie has owned Right at Home in Home Care since 2009 and has earned Achievement Awards every year since 2011. She’s a member of the company’s elite President’s Circle which rewards her franchise because of its sales, operations and success. Her business acuity and marketing creativity are key elements toward the success of Livin’ Bend.

Skye Burket not only runs Livin’ Bend, she’s a college student working toward a Degree in Biology with a goal to attend Medical School. Her passion for clothing and style is why Livin’ Bend’s products are so popular. Although many of our items are perfect for anyone, young adults are one of our target markets. Skye oversees product selection based on quality, fabric, color and style. She and Julie work together on logo selection and what logo will be successful on which products.

What an amazing journey it’s been; undertaking the development of a successful business! We’re excited for you to wear our one-of-a-kind designs and we’re proud to show off central Oregon’s and the Pacific Northwest’s recreational lifestyle.

We are proud to be working and collaborating with the following businesses:

Livin’ Bend website creator, John Guyer and his family are longtime, family friends of the Burket family. Check out his work here: www.pineechoes.com.

We feel fortunate to have Sean at Progressive Screen Printing producing all of our shirts. His decades of experience, attention to detail, and incredible customer service are unmatched.  www.progressivescreenprinting.com

Julie had no doubt they’d use Graphic Designer, Adelle Dittman, whom she knew through her ownership of Right at Home in Home Care. You can find all her incredible creations at www.dittmandesign.com.

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